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The Minecraft version 1.5 has been released for Europe and Japan, but it will also be launched for North America later today. The new Minecraft version for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita comes with improved sprint control, six new Trophies, Minecraft: Story Mode Skin Pack support and more.

But, before we tell you more about the new Minecraft: Story Mode Skin Pack, here is a full change log of what this new version of the game comes with:

– Story Mode Skin Pack has been added;
– 6 New Trophies have been added;
– “Minecart Sounds” option has been added and can be found on the Audio Settings;
– Huge Mushroom Blocks have been added to the Superflat and Creative modes;
– Sprint Control has been improved;
– A bug that was causing the Ender Dragon to be immune to attacks, has been fixed;
– A bug that was causing the Slimes to not spawn in certain Slime Chunks and Swamps, has been fixed;
– A fix that was causing the teleport to not work properly while the character is sleeping in bed has been fixed;
– Not working TNT cannon has been fixed;
– A visual bug that was causing the doors to have a weird texture on top (and other sides), has been fixed;
– A bug that was causing “Failed to Load” message that were found on PlayStation 3 consoles, has been fixed.

HINT: It is good to know that the same Minecraft patch has been released today for the Minecraft Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U and it comes with the same patch notes.

When it comes to the Minecraft: Story Mode Skin Pack, you should know that it can be purchased from the PlayStation Store for free, but after April 12, 2016 in Europe and April 13, 2016 in North America, this skin pack will cost 2.99 dollars.

The Minecraft: Story Mode Skin Pack will allow you to make your own character look like Axel, Petra, Jesses and many other characters from Telltale’s adventure series. Keep in mind that this skin pack contains 27 different skins, which you will be able to use.