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In celebration for basketball’s March Madness tournament, Facebook launched a secret mini-game on its Messenger app. It’s available to users who have installed the app’s newest version, which was made public at the same time.

The game begins when users send a basketball emoji to a friend, with a recipient pressing the ball. Both users are transferred to a white screen where there’s hoop and basketball.

Upon the game’s launch, the basketball will be in numerous locations on the screen and players can swipe up to toss the ball from various angles into the hoop, which is located at the top center. The player who gets the majority of baskets will win the game. When a user makes 10 baskets or more in a row, the backboard starts to move. It’s an easy game, which can be played with a close friend so long as each person has installed Facebook Messenger’s latest update.

Users of Facebook Messenger can install beta, which takes up nearly 30MB of space. The update will improve performance and fix buggy problems. The application lets friends keep in touch by sending messages with simple photos and text. The sender will find out if the recipient has read their message.

They can also search for groups or individuals, make posts or videos, reply to comments made on their posts and comment on the status and photos of their friends. They can forward messages and photos to friends not in the conversation, turn notifications off for a certain period of time – sleeping, working, etc.

The latest Facebook Messenger update has much to offer users.

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