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When fans debate possible settings for GTA 6, they normally focus on one question: where. Where will GTA 6 take place? What locations might it cover? But setting is made up of two factors, which gives us another important question to consider: when.

Grand Theft Auto normally uses fairly modern settings. The first game was set in 1997. GTA 2 had an unspecified near-future setting. Grand Theft Auto III was set in 2001, Vice City in 1986, and San Andreas in 1992. The other stories in the 3D Universe take place around the same times.

The HD Universe really moved toward modern times. GTA IV and its expansions are all set during 2008, the same year the game came out. Likewise, the majority of GTA V and GTA Online take place in 2013. If this pattern continues, it would make sense for the sixth GTA game to be set sometime around the year of its release.

Currently, the events in North Yankton are the earliest in the HD Universe, as the Prologue occurred in 2004.

There’s no reason GTA 6 has to stick to that sort of setting, though, especially if GTA Online continues on independently of it. It could opt for another near-future approach like GTA 2 used, or go back in time to explore other eras. While Grand Theft Auto’s themes fits modern settings well, it could easily be adapted to historical settings. Just imagine a GTA 6 set during the 1920s.

Of course, a historical GTA 6 would also lose a lot of what fans currently expect from the series. You couldn’t have the same sort of cars if the game was set in decades past. Technology wouldn’t be implemented in the game world the same way as it is in the newer games, with GTA 5’s incorporation of cell phones being a good example. Many things would be different.

What do you think? If GTA 6 moved to a more historical setting, would you be pleased, or should it stick with the modern setting used by recent games in the series. Which periods of history do you think would work best for Grand Theft Auto?

Debate possible eras for GTA 6 in the comments below and let us know what you think.