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Firefox is one of the most used web browsers on desktops, but it has a mobile version too, and Android users can download it from the Google Play Store. This browser has more fans than Chrome, UC Browser and Opera and Mozilla is updating it regularly. The latest beta update is 46.0 (build 2015409865) and can be downloaded from the internet. Below we’ll talk about the changes that have been made to this update.

Firefox is very fast and secure, it anticipates what you’re interested in searching for, providing multiple suggestions and it offers easy access shortcuts to search providers. Other features include private browsing with tracking protection, blocking parts of websites that may track your browsing activity; you are able to sync your Firefox accounts, so that you can access your history and bookmarks on another device without entering your password (it will be remembered); you can open as many tabs as you want; you’ll have access to top sites, so you won’t waste your time looking for them; you’ll be able to personalize Firefox with add-ons such as blockers, password and download managers etc. Also, Firefox will remember your most recently used applications so you can easily share content and, lastly, you can stream video and web content to a TV.

The latest Firefox APK v46.0 beta update received Bookmarks and History items in the menu and the notifications about open tabs are listing the URLs. If you own an Android 6.0+ smartphone or tablet, this application will request your permission when opening it, instead of when installing it. If you’re not connected to a WiFi network, or there’s no data network, the previously cached pages will now be displayed offline. In addition, the Home screen shortcut icons are clearer and there are default domains for inline autocompletion.

The Firefox 46.0 APK download file weights 40 MB in size and it can be installed on any device running on Android 4.0.3 and later.