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Tales of Link, the Tales series mobile spin-off game for iOS and Android devices, is now available in English. It was originally released in Japan in 2014.

Unlike the main Tales series, which has action RPG combat, Tales of Link has a turn-based system in which you must link together heroes with matching tiles to attack. How you chain their attacks together determines their power, and you can also level up artes and use special skills. It features characters from all across the Tales series, some rarer than others. Nine heroes can be taken into battle at a time.

Players who pre-registered for Tales of Link can submit their User ID to receive a special gift: Sophie from Tales of Graces. Since the method for obtaining Sophie is through submitting a form, it’s unclear if you actually had to pre-register, or if this is available to anyone.

The game’s story revolves around a quest to destroy the “seeds of ruin” threatening the world. This story is progressed through a series of plot quests where you battle waves of enemies. Successfully clearing events earns you experience, new gear, and more.

More challenging “events” are also available for you to adventure through, including some that are only around for a limited amount of time. You can also earn rewards from missions that take a set amount of time to complete.

Tales of Link has multiple forms of in-game currency. The rarest, Hero Stones, can be used to retry if you’re defeated in battle, speed up missions, and unlock things such as rare heroes from Summon events. Currently, there is a limited time Tales of Symphonia Summon available, which will last until April 15. Hero Stones can also be bought through in-app purchases.

It’s unusual to see a game like Tales of Link released outside of Japan, as Tales spin-offs have a history of never being localized. While Tales of Link’s turn-based combat and free-to-play nature makes it a bit of an oddity compared to the main series, this may be a sign that Bandai Namco is willing to take more chances on Tales in the future.

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