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In 2004, Google attained the rights to EarthViewer 3D, and changed its name to Google Earth. Since that time, there had been three version of the program. However, Google has decided it would no longer support Google Earth Plus, a pro version with a price tag of $399 a year. Today, users can get it for free.

Anybody interested in using Google Earth Plus can go to the company’s official page and click on the “Agree and Download” button.  Systems that can run Google Earth Pro include Windows (12.5MB) OS X (35MB) Android (8.46MB), Linux (24MB) and iOS (27MB). Upon hitting the “Agree and Download” button, users are then directed to another page where they’ll get the message:

“Thank you for downloading Google Earth. Your download should start automatically”.

Once the device has installed the program, users can begin using the features.

Flight Simulator

Users who want to explore the world never have to leave home with the Flight Simulator. It offers a simulated flight with a Cirrus SR-22 and F-16 Fighting Falcon. In order to use the simulator, you’ll need to hold down the buttons: Ctrl, Alt and A. You can also fly under the water. The flight simulator for the single-engine multirole fighter aircraft can attain speeds of 1678 knots. The second plane has a 75 knots take-off speed and a 70 knots landing speed.

Historical Imagery

Users who want to get a glimpse back into time can use the historical imagery feature to review past records of the location and get a comparison of how it was then to how it is now.

Sky Mode

This feature allows users to check out the start and various celestial bodies. Plus, Hubble telescope pictures can be viewed. With the program’s 3D offerings, users can get a good look at the terrain of both Mars and the moon.

Street View

This neat little feature of Google Earth Pro lets you get a 360 degree panoramic street-level look of an area. It allows users to look at buildings from one side to another side.