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Are the videos you watching on YouTube no longer working? If so, then the culprit may be an outdated Adobe Flash Player.  In order to watch movies/videos or play games, your Adobe Flash Player needs to be updated with the latest software. Without it, you can’t enjoy many of the entertainment sources available.

It’s quite easy to update your computer – whether your Mac or PC – with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Some computers are set up to automatically download and install the latest version. However, if you must manually download and install it, you’ll need to visit the Adobe website to download your file.

PC Download Of Adobe Flash Player

When your computer’s version of Adobe Flash Player is out of date, it’s likely to crash and an error message will appear on your screen. This error message will provide you with a link to the company’s website so you can download the newest update. If it doesn’t, go to  You’ll be asked what your computer’s operating system is and what version of flash player you need.

Once chosen, press the “install” button so it downloads to your computer. After you’ve done this, open the file and install it onto your computer. This will take mere seconds.

If you use the Google Chrome web browser (and should for all kinds of reasons), you should have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed because the plugin will update on its own.

Mac Download of Adobe Flash Player

Mac users don’t have to do anything special to download Adobe Flash Player. Just visit Choose the operating system you’re using and the version of flash player you need. Click on the install button and it’ll update the Adobe Flash Player after it’s been downloaded.

Since Mac users can also use Google Chrome, it’s recommended that you use it for your web browsing needs.