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Let’s face it, nowadays we are all addicted to some game or another. Whether it’s on a social platform, on your phone or on your laptop, chances are you are hooked on a time-consuming game. One of the most popular such games is Clash of Clans. If you haven’t heard of it, you totally should, since it makes around £3 million a day. The main aim is to build a perfect civilization and to earn gold and elixir for that.

  1. Join a Clan

One of the most useful tips and tricks for Clash of Clans is to join a clan. It’s vital for your success and it helps you get huge loot and extra bonuses. A clan can have maximum 50 players and you can join wars for even more loot. Moreover, you can have friendly players come to your castle and defend it.

  1. Layout Your Village Smartly

Many people build the village as it comes to their mind, but a good player always knows that the most important thing is to protect your resources and buildings. This is essential for your survival in the game. Protect your units by building walls and make several paths to confuse the enemies.

  1. Upgrade Your Troops

Make sure you have the best troops available. If you upgrade individual troops, you will receive unique bonuses, increasing their resistance and damage. However, this can be just a little too expensive, which is why you should think well which units have to be upgraded and which don’t. If you want to smash walls, upgrade your Giants, whereas if you need to take care of hostile troops, go for Barbarians and Archers.

  1. Take Care of Your Defenses

Keep them upgraded! Even the game prompts you to invest in upgrading your defenses through gems, gold and time. However, it takes quite a while to make an upgrade, so you should put some effort into it.

  1. Take Care of Your Shield

In this game, the shield has the function of protecting the village. When you attack an enemy village, the shield will be temporarily broken, so you have to take care to always keep it up. You will receive a notification when the shield is almost broken, so you will have time for fixing it up.