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Facebook is one of the most popular mobile applications out there. However, that makes sense, since almost anyone who has a Facebook account and owns a smartphone will install the application on his/her device.

However, the Facebook application is updated almost daily for the Android OS, which we can’t say the same for the Windows 10 Mobile OS. Well, it seems that the WhatsApp version 10.2.301.0 has been released for Windows 10 Mobile, but it doesn’t come with a change log.

With other words, we can’t really say what’s new or what has changed in this application, but today we’re going to talk about the previous change log. The previous Facebook version for Windows 10 Mobile has brought some improvements to the News Feed and Notifications, but it also improved the application’s stability and the contact sync. In addition, the overall sharing experience has been improved and most of the bugs that were reported or found by the developers have been fixed.

We remind you that until now the Facebook application for Windows 10 Mobile had really big issues. First of all, it is good to know that the previous version of Facebook used to crash very often and it also had poor performance.

Hopefully, the developers will find all the problems that are causing these crashes and stability issues and we will see a bug-free Facebook application for Windows 10 Mobile OS very soon. We’re sure that the application will be improved in the near future, but until then, there will be many disappointed owners of devices that run on Windows 10 Mobile OS.

If you’ve tested the latest Facebook application on your Windows 10 Mobile OS, please leave a comment below and tell us if you find any bugs or issues in it.