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A week later after the Clash of Clans: March Update has been released, Supercell came with a new update for this awesome mobile strategy game. The new Clash of Clans version comes with some visual changes to some of the air defense units, matchmaking and more.

According to IBTimes, the Clash of Clans servers have been down for a short time, on April 1, 2016. This was the time when the developers have added the new update to this popular game. A fan asked Supercell about what this new update brings, and Supercell confirmed that this new update comes with visual changes to some of the game’s air defensive buildings.

We remind you that before this update, the gamers had a hard time to guess what the level of some buildings is. However, thanks to this new update, the defensive buildings will differ from a level to another. However, we remind you that this update is optional, which means that the players will have to manually update their Clash of Clans game, by searching the game on the smartphone’s store and manually update it.

Here is a complete change log about this new Clash of Clans Update:

– War base editor crash when pressing the “cancel” button has been FIXED;
– The graphics of some Air Defensive Buildings have been tweaked and the players will now identify each level of a building with ease;
– War Event screen: the old and the new Stars are now easier to read.

We also remind you that Supercell has revealed the “2016 Clash of Clans Desk calendar” on its Twitter account. Many players thought that this is for real and they were actually asking for its price so that they can purchase it. However, it turned out to be just a April Fools’ joke, and we’re pretty sure that a good amount of players didn’t fall for it, as the picture was taken with Clash of Clans male characters in sexy swimsuits.

Did you fall for Supercell’s April Fools’ joke?

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