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Clash of Clans is played by 100 million people every day and the latest update that Supercell has released is 8.212.9 for Android. In this MMO strategy game, players will build a community, train troops and get gold and Elixir by attacking other players. Dark Elixir is very important because it can be used to build defenses which will protect the player against attackers. Many players have found great strategies to succeed in CoC and we’ve collected the best tips and tricks that you can apply in this game.

Don’t Waste Your Gems

At the beginning of the game, you’ll receive 500 games and you will use them to complete structures, but it’s more important to add extra builders, so save as many games as possible, because these are the prices for each builder: Builder 2: 250 gems, Builder 3: 500 gems, Builder 4: 1000 gems and Builder 5: 2000 gems. You can get builder 3 quite easily if you save your gems, but for the builder 4 and 5 you’ll need to make sacrifices. These extra builders will be very useful because they will help you construct more buildings at once.

Use Cheap Units

You should consider the cost of the units you’re using to battle. Giants are more expensive that Barbarians, while Dragons are more expensive than Giants, but they’re very effective in higher levels. It takes up to eight minutes to make a Wizard, which is stronger than an Archer, but you can create four Archers in only two minutes. So, if you want to save up some resources, use cheap units, which will depend on your Town Hall level.

Spells Will Be Used Only When Necessary

They are very expensive and you need to wait a lot of time to produce them. A Rage Spell will cost you 23,000 elixir, while for a Healing spell you’ll spend 15,000 elixir. If you use spells efficiently, they will bring you an additional 15,000 or 23,000 resources.

Town Hall Should Be Upgraded Slowly

“Loot penalty” is applied when you’re destroying a Town Hall that is an inferior level and it reduces the amount of loot obtained from enemies. When destroying a Town Hall that is one level lower than yours, you’ll get 90% of the normal amount available for loot and for destroying a Town Hall that is two levels lower, you’ll steal 50% of the loot. You’ll get 25% for three levels, and only 5% for four levels. The best advice is to reach Town Hall level 4 and stay there while maximizing out your defensive structures, army camps and research.