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Google wants you to be more than safe when on the road with its latest update to Waze. The update will now warn you whenever you exceed the speed limit as per the regulations of the area you are driving.

The update will now warn you whenever you exceed the speed limit as per the regulations of the area you are driving.

There is no denying that this application has been getting quite a lot of attention lately. The search engine giant has been coming in with really great additions to the application, with one of the most recent one being a visual revamp. Furthermore, Waze has also been updated with a feature that warns drivers of any accident hot spots such that they can avoid the said route when driving nearby.

This is a cool feature that will for sure be helpful to drivers when it comes to avoiding traffic in areas with accidents, hence saving more time. With the current update, Google takes Waze to the next level in a bid to ensure that the chances of being involved in an accident as a result of over speeding are extremely minimalized.

No more paying of traffic tickets

According to Google, the new feature is basically meant to let users know the speed limit regardless of the area they are travelling to. Whether it’s a low-key suburban, a busy street or whatever location, the app will be able to tell the kind of speed limits allowed in these locations and alert you of the same, just in case you have forgotten.

What the latest version of Waze brings to the fold is interesting. In addition to ensuring safety on the road, the update will also help you save as the chances of over speeding, which might result in traffic ticket charges, are lowered.

Drivers will be able to check the warnings via the Waze speedometer, which isn’t a new thing all the same. The only addition to this element is the speed limit alert that pops up on the display screen of the speedometer. The alert changes colors so that it can get the attention of the driver.

There is room for customization. Drivers can change the behavior of the alert – whether it appears when the speed limit is reached or when it’s exceeded by a certain amount. The sad part of the story, however, is that the latest version of Waze is not available in the United States, but Google has promised that it will be coming soon. Places that can currently make use of this feature include Brazil, Uruguay, El Salvador, Colombia, Trinidad, Tobago, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, France, Latvia, Sweden and Switzerland, among others.