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After about a year ago they have set the record for the thinnest smartphone, the Company announced the new Vivo X6S and Vivo X6S Plus.

Late last year, Vivo launched two attractive smartphones, Vivo X6 and Vivo X6 Plus. Only four months later, we have the descendants of those gadgets as Vivo X6S and Vivo X6S Plus. The latter have quite similar designs like last year’s models, but the interior has received a significant update.

Vivo X6S and Vivo X6S Plus are also very similar in terms of hardware configuration, the exception being reflected the diagonal difference. Both use Full HD Super AMOLED panels, but X6S is limited to 5.2 inches, while the Plus version is 5.7 inches at 1920×1080. Although it must be tested such claims in practice, not just in theory, given the presence of a DAC AKM4375 32 bits in Vivo X6S and a DAC ES9028 with a sound processor YAMAHA in X6S, both should have a powerful sound.

Bibo X6S’s battery is charging fast and comes with 2400mAh capacity. In our opinion the battery is rather small considering the smartphone hardware. X6S Plus has a fairly large battery of 3000mAh.

In both cases the processing is provided by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 octa-core with 4 cores Cortex A72 and other 4 Cortex A53 helped by Adreno 520 GPU and 4GB RAM. Storage is 32 or 64GB, depending on the budget you choose to invest. Prices seem to be $403 for X6S and $465 for X6s Plus.