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It is a well-known fact that the Facebook owned company WhatsApp releases lesser updates for Windows smartphones than for handsets operating on other platforms.

But, when an update is released, the company makes sure that it is a truly interesting one that will be of real benefit to its users.  The latest version of this app, namely, WhatsApp 2.12.344 is one version that makes a radical change to sharing videos on Windows handsets.

The biggest drawback people have faced when sharing videos is that WhatsApp allows you to send across only those multimedia content that have a size of 16MB or lesser. Files above this size limit either get truncated at the receiving end or are not sent at all. If a video gets truncated, there is a very good chance of the receiver being able to view only the first few seconds of the video. This is because the best parts of the video tend to get truncated and not get sent at all.

To avoid the above problem, WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature where the trimming is under your control. This helps you determine which part of the video you would want your contact to view. With the all new trimming facility, you can cut a long video short by trimming or cropping it before sending it to the contacts in your list. This ensures that your buddies will be able to enjoy the video just as much as you do and will give an uplift to the video sharing experience. Another interesting feature that WhatsApp has incorporated to ease video sharing is the possibility to compress a video. By compressing a long video before sending, you can send the entire video without having to worry about it getting truncated in the process.

How to Trim/Crop a Video in WhatsApp

Trimming or cropping a video in WhatsApp is also referred to by the term cutting a video in local parlance. The process is quite simple and you need not be apprehensive of not being a pro at editing videos. All you have to do is to follow about seven to eight simple steps and you are done.

Open the WhatsApp chat window of the contact to whom you would like to send the video. Click on the attachment icon and go to the Gallery as usual to select the desired video that has to be altered before sending. A sharing pop up window opens up. Click OK on this Window to proceed.

At this stage, the video cutter or trimmer opens and starts working automatically. You will notice two blue vertical lines with sliders on either side of the video. Moving the sliders with a long tap, you can adjust the position of the blue lines to determine the length of the trimmed video. Note that moving the sliders away from each other increases the video length and bringing them together reduces its size. The final edited video is the video between the two lines. It must be borne in mind that WhatsApp always takes the upper hand in determining the size of the cropped video. Thus, in some cases, you may not be able to use the sliders to determine the size of the cropped video.

Finally, tap on the manipulated video to send it. Click on the Send option and get the video across to your contact buddy right away.

Although the compressor appears to make the task of sending large multimedia files across without any major editing, it is always a good idea to have a trimming option. One reason why trimming is a better choice is that it does not impact the resolution of the file you are sending.

While the video trimming/cutting and video compressing features have met with overall good response, there are talks that they work really well and efficiently with light media. But, the process takes a lot of time to get the final output video in case of really long and bulky files. This issue is being looked into by the developer team for WhatsApp for Windows.

It must however be noted that this updated version is neither available nor supported on Windows devices running Windows 7.8 and lesser. So, if you own one of these handsets, you will have to go in for a new smartphone operating on Windows 8 and higher.