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For more than a decade now, Google Earth has allowed us to explore the world from our own desks, without having to fly. It lets you marvel at the great structures and natural wonders of the Earth and take a trip to space—all for free. And as we reported, it even offers a new way for professionals to do business. That is why this software is one of the most loved by people today. But did you know that the Google Earth Pro, a version of Google Earth that used to cost hundreds of dollars, is now free? This is really good news considering the amazing exclusive features it has. Here are those that you might not even know:

  • It lets you show your trips to your friends.

With Google Earth Pro, you can now record and share your journeys with your friends, be it in street view or otherwise. Once you have made your recordings, you can share them online. These will be stored in Keyhole Markup Language (KML) and Keyhole Markup Zip (KMZ) files, which can only be opened with Google Earth and other specialized applications, such as Marble.

  • It tells you more about the world.

Want to compare voter turnouts between states? Want to know the number of fair trade farms in certain places of the world? If so, then you will really find Google Earth Pro very handy. You see, this fun software comes with a number of additional datasets related to geography and demography, which are exclusive to the premium version. You can also create your own datasets and import them into the app.

  • It shows historical traffic data.

With Google Earth Pro, it will be more than just visualizing the world with layers, where data is superimposed onto the world, but you will taken to another level, with even more layers to work with, such as historical traffic data. Though it is not real-time, like you will have on the Android version of Google Maps, it will still be certainly useful if you are moving into a new home and wanting to work out your odds of being late every day for work.

  • It helps you solve property disputes.

Have you ever been involved in a property dispute? Then, you should know how resentful it can be. Thankfully, Google Earth Pro offers an all-seeing arbiter for such a dispute, called parcel data, which defines property boundaries.

Fantastic, isn’t it? For more amazing information about Google Earth Pro, check out this page.