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With all the news about the Adobe Flash Player, having its name changed, bug fixes, etc., there is a new Adobe Flash Player download for Chromium and Opera. This latest update, Version:, is designed to let users surf safer, and is for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

For years, the Flash Player has been an integral part of any browser. However, it is also a subject of criticism for many reasons. So, before you decide to install it on your browser, you should think carefully about whether you really need such a media player.

Take note that the Adobe Flash Player is a walking security risk. You see, it comes with a number of serious security problems that have been known over the years, more than experts have expected. So, every now and then, the developers are publishing emergency updates for Adobe to protect and equip the Flash Player with systems that fight against new attacks. Aside from the security aspect, there are also annoying banner ads that are often based on Adobe Flash Player, so unless you really need it, you should reconsider, otherwise protect it from fidgety clips. Moreover, this player contributes substantially to the power consumption of any PC, especially for notebooks where it has been observed to have a negative effect on the battery life.

Withal, the browser extension of Adobe Flash Player is a basic requirement, especially for many video sites and browser games. It gives your browser a lot of multimedia capabilities, especially for music and videos, as well as playbacks and moving-image displays.

If you are going to utilize the Adobe Flash Player, it is important to heed these pieces of advice:

  • The Flash Player keeps itself constantly updated via online update. Install each update as soon as it is available to you.
  • All major browsers can be set so that they can start plugins, like Flash Player, with explicit permission. Use this function to set the player only on secure sites in transition.
  • If Chrome is not your default browser, you can install it to play without the player. Then, you browse as usual in the flash-free standard version and only install the player when a site is not working without Flash. Just make sure to pay close attention to use the respective current version of Chrome, as it contains the latest Flash.

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