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Ask anyone who’s upgraded or has Windows 10 pre-installed in their laptop about their level of satisfaction with the operating system and a majority of them will likely tell you they are not too happy about it. The Blue Screen of Death was not called as such for no reason, after all.

The first release came with some exciting features, along with bugs and problems. Any updates that have been rolled out since its release also came with some issues. So it is not a surprise that the newly released Windows 10 build 14295 also has problems. The funny thing though, the latest build doesn’t have any new features only bug fixes, which would likely need fixing at some point.

Issues on Windows 10 Start Menu

Many users reported a critical error telling them that the Start Menu isn’t working or doesn’t open. In some cases, the start button itself does not respond or work. It’s nothing to be alarmed about, but it definitely is annoying, especially because some of the suggested fixes are not that easy to do.

These include the use of Powershell, run system file checker, repair windows image, and make Start full screen.

If you hardly consider yourself tech-savvy, opening a command prompt, and then typing a command shown below would likely make you sweat.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

What if you end up doing something wrong? You can only hope and pray that a system restart will do the trick the first time.

Known issues with Windows 10 build 14295

Before you upgrade to the latest build, be aware about the associated issues that Insiders have discovered.

  • Some screen reader apps, such as Narrator, are unable to read menu options in the Feedback Hub.
  • A red-colored “X” error indicator will pop up if you use Hyper-V or when your network adapter has a Virtual Switch configuration. The good news is, your network adapter will work just fine, even with an error indicated in the taskbar.
  • Jumpy movement of a trackpad and glitch audio will happen on PCs with TPM chips. This is because the tpm-maintenance task would be constantly running in the background while the computer is operational.
  • Failure to connect to a Miracast receiver will be experienced by users following the upgrade. But there is a workaround available, which involves dabbling with the Windows registry.
  • Some apps, such as QQ, Expression Encoder 4, and Windows Live Mail reportedly crash after upgrade.
  • Microsoft Passport service is launched when Windows Hello or a PIN is used to sign in to your PC. This will lead to other issues, such as Bluetooth repeatedly scanning for devices, audio glitches, reduced battery life, less responsive Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a decrease in throughput of some features.

Mobile version of Windows 10 build 14295 also has reported issues.

Windows 10 has been fraught with bugs, some of which are urgent problems, but can be fixed, while others are more complicated. As of this writing, issues with the new build is under investigation, and people at Microsoft can only apologize for the inconvenience.