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Catching up with the daily news in the newspaper over a cup of hot coffee every morning is everyone’s favorite way of starting the day.

But, with a hectic schedule, most busy bees are not able to find time for this. However, they can still keep themselves updated about the happenings all over the world with their smartphones through various apps in their app store. This article aims at suggesting some interesting news and news reader apps for Android smartphone users to get an insight into the top trending news at their fingertips.


This is one of the most preferred free news related apps available on the app store. Some Samsung tablets and smartphones come with this app preloaded following integration with their UI. Flipboard allows you to do various interesting things apart from allowing you to browse over the latest headlines from the top sites. You can subscribe to either a specific topic or a website to get only information related to your selection. The ability to save desired articles for a later read is another noteworthy feature of the app. You can do this by linking the news article to your Flipboard account or exporting them to other compatible apps such as Pocket.

To add a feather to its cap, Flipboard allows you to integrate social network websites with its news items. If you opt for this and log on to the app giving your social networking account details, you will notice the news feed additionally displaying your social media content. This can save you a lot of time and you can keep track of two things at a time.


True to its name, the Feedly app works as a RSS reader. With an easy-to-navigate interface and a horde of customization possibilities, this app can be a real blessing if you wish to keep track of specific websites or blogs throughout the day. With the free web based version of the app, you can also pick out topics that interest you and then shortlist the sources from which you want news related to your chosen topics to be displayed.

Like Flipboard, you can opt for save for later functionality and social media integration with Feedly too.

Play Newsstand

The Play Newsstand stands apart from most other apps of its kind in quite a few interesting ways. First, it does not function as a RSS feed although you can gain access to various or specific news channels including websites and magazines for a bevy of topic categories. A distinct feature of this app is that it helps you to buy or subscribe to your favorite magazine through the Play Store. The bookmark feature is another highlight that allows you to save stuff to read for a later time or date. Bookmarked articles can be accessed later right from where you stopped reading. Although Play Newsstand does not support social media integration or a multitude of customization options, it is about the only app that gets you interesting reads from magazines.


The killer feature of this affordably priced news reader app is its lightweight design. Thankfully, because of this, your smartphone battery does not drain rapidly and you can use your smartphone for a slightly extended period of time. Added to this, the layout is quite good looking and orderly. This in turn results in making it very easy to read the news. The screen is primarily divided vertically into two. The left side displays the headlines of the news items along with a gist of the news one below the other. When you select a specific news, the news item opens in detail on the right hand side.

Press also displays news from third-party RSS services. All you have to do is to sign in with your account to import and sync your feeds and lists automatically, and display them all in one place.


Pocket is for those of you who find an interesting headline but have no time to read through the whole news right then. With a simple interface, the app is very to use by all age groups. You can bookmark the article that you want to save for a later read or even archive them. One of the recent updates made to this app was the inclusion of a Recommended feature. This feature allows you to keep a tab on what your buddies or other users have saved.

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