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Reports say that Rockstar started developing GTA 6 and the players will see some of their dreams coming true. A bigger map, a female character, more realistic combats, more apartments to buy, these are some of the changes that could be brought to the upcoming installment. The GTA 5 game was released in September 2013 and it’s available on PC and the following consoles: Sony PS4 and PS3 and Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox 360. It is believed that GTA 6 will arrive when the next generation consoles PS 5 and Xbox Two will make their appearance, which most likely will happen between 2018 and 2020.

Expanded Map

Gamers want to explore bigger cities, a new location maybe, and some sources said that Rockstar was considering setting the GTA 6 in Tokyo, but that would have implied changing brands and car types intact, and it would have been complicated. Fans requested other cities such as Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Boston or Seattle, but whatever the final option will be, the game will surely benefit from a larger map.

New Characters

In GTA, the players have three different personalities to choose from: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. If rumors will turn to be true, then we’ll have a female protagonist voiced by actress Eva Mendes, although Rockstar has stated that they will never bring a playable female. However, we’re pretty sure that the developers will work on more diverse characters.

Investing In Structure Types

Players want to buy more luxurious apartments or mansions if they have funds, and they also would like to enter into buildings and ruin them. It would be great if the freshly bought apartments could be personalized, allowing players to purchase furniture and to decorate rooms according to their tastes.

More Violent And Realistic Combat

GTA is themed in gangster culture and everything’s about using weapons and stealing cars to get away from the police. The developers should think about adding more weapons from the real world such as baseball bats, flame throwers, swords etc. Also, the way the characters are punching “innocent” people in the game should be improved as well, because it hasn’t changed since the GTA 3

There’s plenty to be looked at in terms of hand-to-hand combat too. In a lot of ways, the traditional punching and stomping gameplay hasn’t evolved much since “GTA 3.” That’s a pity considering the “Batman: Arkham” franchise has totally mastered it. The sixth entry should allow us to do some light combos and maybe even train us in different fighting styles at the gym. Wouldn’t it be cool to possibly be more deadly with our fists than a gun?

“Grand Theft Auto V” is available now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. “GTA 6” is likely many years off.

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