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Supercell has released the Clash of Clans: March Update, which comes with many new features, troops and improvements, but at the same time it brought some annoying bugs and issues. At the same time, the new version hasn’t solved all the issues that the game had before, which disappointed many players.

However, soon enough Supercell reacted and release a new Clash of Clans update patch which fixed the healers’ heal rate on heroes, which is now back to normal (Supercell did a mistake and made these rates to 70%). At the same time, the traps that were not triggering from heroes have been fixed, the matchmaking for clans has been tweaked, the health points for valkyrie has been decreased and now, the notifications are working on multiple devices.

At the same time, the Clash of Clans March update brought a new Dark Elixir troop that’s called Bowler (which can be unlocked once your Town Hall is level 10), new levels for mortars and inferno towers (unlocked once your Town Hall is level 11), and new levels for goblins, valkyries and hog riders (unlocked once the Town Hall is level 10).

However, the Clash of Clans players are still not satisfied about the new version of the game. They claim that the new war matching system is relying too much on streaks, and doesn’t actually fix the issues that the previous system had.

Supercell did a mistake by adding new elements to the war matching system, as some players who have maximized their Town Hall levels will be very often penalized when compared to players that decided to not upgrade certain buildings so that they can match with lower level opponents.

There are some players that have asked Supercell why they’ve added new levels to inferno towers and how actually a player will now be able to defeat a village, which has a Town Hall level 10-11, in less than 3 minutes.

What are your thoughts about the Clash of Clans: March Update?