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Google Earth has been very useful to a lot of people around the world. It seems that it has all the reasons why you should download it. Now, we showcase the best of Google Earth for March this year, based on Google Earth Blog (GEB).

Last month saw the 5th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and to commemorate the disaster, Google has released a fresh Street View and aerial imagery of the affected areas, with some captured soon after the disaster hit and others taken much more recently. As older aerial images would not be visible in Google Earth’s default layer, the company pushed the fresh images from around the world that were added earlier into historical imagery.

People were provided a look at Oklahoma’s cluster of earthquakes that were caused by drilling operations into deep wells. However, it was noted that the vast majority of the quakes were not huge enough to cause damage.

March also saw Sri Lanka getting Street View. Though the blue outlines do not show on Google Earth, there is a lot to explore with the Street View available. Aside from this, there was also the Street View for the Batcave and for some places in Thailand Street View captured by the Trekker. We also had a look at the fairy circles in Australia and Namibia, as well as found similar patterns in other parts of the world.

Thanks to a tip from a certain GEB reader, it was found out that that a few buildings in Lexington, Kentucky have not been rendered correctly in the 3D imagery of Google. There were also enjoyable posts that involved creating animations, including one that used Landsat imagery to watch an ice sheet in the Antarctic as it is cracking and another that offers a look at the growth of artificial islands in the Persian Gulf and other places in the world.

Google also renamed the satellite imaging company Skybox, which it acquired back in 2014, to Terra Bella to indicate a change of focus from just a satellite imaging company to a pioneer in the search for patterns of change in the physical world.

The company also provided a few great and advanced tips and tricks for Google Earth, like caching the app’s imagery with use of its “line tour” feature; trimming KML file sizes by reducing the precision of the longitudes and latitudes; creating custom icons; and formatting print options on Google Earth Pro.

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