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Currently, the market is dominated by Android and iOS, and in January 2016, Windows phones fell to 2.8 percent (US market), and that’s because Windows delayed the release of Windows 10 Mobile for too long, losing many fans who were tired of waiting. Finally, Microsoft has started upgrading some of its Lumia smartphones, and even if it’s not identical to Windows on the desktop, it shares many features and capabilities and it’s able to run universal Windows 10 applications. Plus, it received Cortana, the intelligent voice assistant, which will respond to voice commands, Continuum, with which the smartphone can turn into a mini computer by connecting it to a keyboard or mouse. In this article, we’ll tell you more about Windows 10 Mobile.


Windows 10 Mobile allows you to add third party applications on the lock screen and some applications will show detailed status, such as Calendar. In order to check notifications and quick-access tiles (WiFi, airplane mode, rotation lock etc.), just swipe down from the top, while when swiping left from the home screen, all app tiles will be revealed, being extremely convenient for you in case you like using the device with one hand. In addition, the opacity of the tiles can be adjusted, they can be grouped by dragging one on top of another and you will have many background options.

Windows Hello

This feature comes in handy if you’re hands are dirty, or oily, or you’re wearing gloves in winter, because it will save you from unblocking the phone with your fingerprint, as it will scan your iris with the eye-tracking camera.

Other New Features

In Windows 10 Mobile was added a microphone icon on which you’ll tap and start dictating a text. This feature was already brought to a few messaging applications and for now, it works only with English language.

Microsoft has tweaked Settings, so the long list is gone and its place was taken by grouped, streamlined, and searchable choices. There’s also a search box for All Apps and in the top of the list will be found the most recently installed applications.

Universal Applications

Soon, all Windows applications will run on desktop, laptops tablets, smartphones, Xbox and HoloLens and they will be downloaded from the Windows Store. Microsoft is planning to add up to 16 million applications to this store until summer.

Included Applications

Photos will automatically create albums and will have a feature similar to Apple’s Live Photos, and which will be called Living Photos. Edge is the new web browser that replaced Internet Explorer on desktop and it has a Reading List feature which allows you to save articles for checking them later. Outlook Mobile mail app has been improved and supports multiple accounts, while Maps got turn-by-turn spoken directions for driving, walking and public transport.