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WhatsApp developers recently made public that they won’t be supporting it on certain mobile systems like the Nokia Series 40 and Asha by year’s end.

For now though, it appears WhatsApp is releasing updates for the Nokia Asha with its 2.13.40 being released on Nokia devices. Users should understand though that this WhatsApp version is in BETA stage, meaning the chances of finding bugs or errors are high.

This latest update doesn’t have multiple changes to it, compared to its previous version, and any of the emojis that were already introduced can’t be used at the moment. The 2.13.40 installation file for the Asha increased with 17KB with more than 1,400 modified files. The app has just less than 2066 files.

19 new files were added, most being named “blc.class” and it’s not really known what the files are being used for. It’s thought the developers will start using them relatively soon.

How To Install WhatsApp 2.13.40 On Noka Asha

Users need to understand that WhatsApp 2.13.40 is still in the BETA stage, but can be downloaded and installed on the device. Users need to open the browser in their phone and go to Upon the page loading, users can download the .jar file. Once done, they need to find the location where the file was downloaded and tap it so it’ll start installing onto the phone.