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Aside from the release of the WhatsApp 2.12.561 APK, the latest beta version of WhatsApp 2.16.2 for Andriod devices was just released with the capacity of 28.98 MB. While it does not carry new features, it will fix bugs and improve performance, as all the important changes have been brought by the previous update. Now, the developers are making sure that they are implemented successfully.

The messaging app has seen a lot of advancements since it was purchased by Facebook in 2014, including voice calling features, a material design makeover, chat backups on the cloud and starred messages, which are similar to bookmarks that allow you to save a message for checking later on. Aside from these, the app now allows you to send and receive PDFs or views them by tapping “Media” from contact or group info. And when you decide to clear a chat, you can keep your starred messages. And, remember the hidden features that are not enabled or disabled the previous way—you can now make certain texts bold by placing them between asterisks or make them Italic by using underscores before and after them.

All in all, here are the other features that will be included in the stable version of this app:

  • Quick reply from the notification tray, which will save you from entering the application to reply to messages.
  • Multiple selections can be activated by pressing and holding on more contact profile pictures on contacts or chats at the same time, which you can mark as read or unread.
  • New broadcasts and groups can be created by pressing or selecting on the contacts’ profile pictures.
  • Contact options include View Contact, Delete Chat and Archive Chat, where the profile pictures will be displayed in an enlarged version.
  • More variants of colorful wallpapers, where you will be able to choose from 27 different colors.

The update is stated to completely change your messaging game. The developer has also worked the emojis into your everyday language. This update should automatically download when you are connected to WiFi and is available if you are using the 2.12.17 version on iOS and 2.12.535 version for Android.

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