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The days of depending on CVs and face-to-face interviews are long gone as the technology world shapes everything around it.

People now depend on things like Skype to carry out their interviews while others turn to social media platforms for references with respect to the interviewees.

Snapchat, one of the most interesting startups in the U.S. is on the verge of joining the likes of Skype in the work place thanks to a digital agency that has decided to take everything we know about this app to the next level. Space150 is using Snapchat to hire interns it hopes to bring in during this summer. The agency is taking full advantage of the application’s custom filters and it hopes that prospected interns will follow its channel on Snapchat.

There are quite a number of locations and universities that already have their own filters on Snapchat, among them University of California, Miami Ad School as well as New York University. Apparently, the American digital agency wants to hire up to 10 interns with each of its offices in mind. Space150 has offices in Burbank, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and New York City.

Your Snapchat story could be your way to employment

As mentioned earlier, interns are expected to follow the Space150 channel on Snapchat. This is where each of them will be given a task that equals to their application.

Each intern will be required to create a Snapchat story for the Space150’s clients based on the 2020 theme. The interesting part here is the list of clients in question, with main names such as Sony, Nike, and Disney featuring on the list.

Snapchat has more than 100 million daily active users. With this in mind, competition for the 10 places will be very tough; something that also means the participants should bring in their best story creating capabilities.

Space150 is with no doubt taking the scales of Snapchat to higher heights by reimagining the use of its custom filters in a bid to attract qualified candidates for its posts. This model of doing things changes everything we know about the hiring process. Rather than potential candidates approach the company for employment, the company already knows where its most potent candidates are, it only has to reach out to them to determine who best suits the task.

This is actually the first innovative use of this geofilters feature on Snapchat following its official release about a month ago.

With this tool, employers can get a better insight into someone’s capabilities as an employee for a given task. It is the hope of Snapchat that more and more companies start adopting this tool in future recruitment processes.