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Pokémon fans have long awaited more news about the latest games Pokémon Sun and Moon since its announcement during a special Pokémon Nintendo Direct. The short views seen during the game’s announcement caused a series of rumors of what the games would entail. There has been a rise in fake leaks that people need to look for.

However, there’s been no official word from the company.

CoroCoro is a huge source for Japanese games’ news, and if readers want details about the latest Pokémon information, this is where they need to go. Serebii, an extremely useful and large fan site, said the latest CoroCoro edition will offer, in its next issue, a round of special features for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

CoroCoro talks about “Pokémon Elections” – something that deals with the movies – and may end up being in honor for its 20th anniversary.

CoroCoro’s next issue is set for release April 15, which is when more details should be released. Serebii is likely to be among the first folks to release new information. Of course, fan site information isn’t always precise, and even Serbii has reported inaccurate information in the past… accidentally of course.

Pokémon fans have a long wait until April 15, so they shouldn’t be rely on leaks for accuracy. A website recently posted images of alleged magazine scans that show both male and female trainers in Pokémon Sun and Moon as well as three-starter Pokémon . A closer look found then to be fake.

There’s no real information about the trainers, starters or anything. If you see news about Pokémon Sun and Moon before April 15, take it with a grain of salt, as it may not be legitimate. April 15 should be the day legitimate news about the games is released, which is what fans are really looking for.