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The fourth generation Apple TV set top box has been upgraded to tvOS 9.2, but if you’re still running tvOS 9.0 – 9.0.1, then you can jailbreak your device using Pangu and these are the steps you’ll need to follow in order to do that. First of all, you should disable Automatic Software Updates and get a USB Type-C cable in order to connect your Apple TV to a Mac.

The first step is to download the Pangu9 for ATV archive, then double click on it to extract it, launch Xcode from the dock, then click Create a new Xcode project. Go to the tvOS section and select Application from the left, then click on Single View Application and Next. In the right field for Product Name enter “AppleTVJailbreak”, then your name in the right side of Organization Name, and com.YourName as the Organization Identifier. Now, click Next and select a folder where you’ll save the Xcode project in. Then, click Create and the new Xcode project will open.

The Apple TV will be connected to your Mac using a USB Type C cable. The Xcode will finish processing symbol files and you’ll change the Deployment Target to 9.0. Also, the selected build device will be changed to the Apple TV by clicking the button from the top left to the right of the play button.

When “No matching provisioning profiles found” message will appear, click the Fix issue button and then click Add, to add an Apple ID. After doing that, sign in with your Apple ID and then, you will need to select your account from the list of accounts, but another error will occur and you’ll click on the Fix issue button once again. The code signing issues will be automatically fixed.

Now, download iOS App Signer, a third party application which will (re)sign the Pangu app and bundle it into ipa files for delivery to the Apple TV. Launch it and click Browse, and from the Payload folder in the extracted Pangu archive select the atvipa application and click Open.

From the list Signing Certificates select your Apple ID and in the field from the right of Provisioning Profile will appear: com.YourName.AppleTVJailbreak. In continuation, you will click Start and in the Save As field you’ll enter AppleTVJailbreak, then the folder where the application will be saved in. Click Save and there you’ll have the application in the Pangu folder.

You will load the ipa onto your Apple TV, choose Devices from the Window menu in Xcode, then Apple TV from the left side of the Window. You will see a plus button under “No apps install”, on which you will click and you’ll choose the AppleTVJailbreak.ipa you’ve just created.

The Pangu app will show up and you’ll launch the app to jailbreak the Apple TV 4 device. After the device is jailbroken, you will be able to SSH into it. The IP address will be determined by going to Settings > Network and on your Mac you’ll open a Terminal window and replace with ssh root@ You will be asked if you want to continue connecting to the Apple TV, so you’ll enter Yes and finally, you’ll insert this password: alpine.