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The much-anticipated iOS 9.3 from Apple was recently released, a welcome sight for a number of iOS device owners. However, it’s also led to questions as to when a jailbreak would be available.

“Very soon” – that’s the word coming from a number of jailbreaking teams who’ve hinted that they’ve been developing jailbreaking tools for this newest iOS version. For example, TaiG9 offers a beta version for its iOS 9.3 jailbreak. Pangu has a Semi Jailbreak but it doesn’t offer the complete jailbreak abilities.

Therefore, it’s not really known when a complete version for the jailbreaking tools is going to be released for public use. In fact, Pangu and TaiG9 have yet to make an announcement of such a release.

According to Antony Leather in a Forbes article, it may be quite some time before the jailbreaking tools will be released. It could be that jailbreaking teams are trying to find out if there are any bugs with 9.3. If tools are released now, and iOS 9.3 does have bugs, Apple will issue an update that fixes them. This will cause jailbreak tools to be useless, negating the hard work they put into the tools.

Therefore, hacking teams will probably take at least two weeks, if not more, to test the latest software and see if a jailbreak is needed now… or later.

Jailbreaking teams may need more time to develop and release the tools. It is quite possible Apple developed iOS 9.3 to be impossible to crack. This means it’s going to take individual hackers and teams more time to find potential feats and develop their jailbreaking tools. While individual hackers have come up with jailbreaking tools, they have yet to share it with the public. Thus, iOS users must rely on jailbreaking teams like TaiG9 and Pangu to develop these tools.

While jailbreaking your phone can give you greater control over the device, it also leaves it vulnerable to an array of security threats. If you’re happy with the way your iPad and iPhone works, consider staying with your Apple OS.