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Apple introduced its 4-inch screen iPhone SE last week and it right away attracted a large number of customers searching for something similar to iPhone 5s.

But as everybody knows, Apple would have obviously been expecting a ‘bigger picture’ of the sales.

Now, a new data has come up which reveals that the introduction of the new iPhone model by Apple appears to be instantly attracting a new type of consumer in the market – more new users from Android.

Apple’s latest 4-inch iPhone SE might not have amazed many smartphone fans, but according to data about the company’s online sales it appears that the phone is quickly drawing Android users to iOS.

According to the research firm Slice Intelligence, the online sales for iPhone SE in the first opening weekend amounted to about 3 percent of the iPhone 6’s figures in the equivalent period. The online sales figures for the company are produced on electronic receipts in the emails of its panel of 4 million online buyers in the U.S.

The company wanted to launch a new 4-inch iPhone because the respective device would be significant in bringing new customers into the iOS platform.

In the past two years, almost half of iPhone 6s buyers had purchased an iPhone online whereas 10 percent had purchased an Android phone in the same time period.

The corresponding figures for iPhone SE buyers are 35 percent and 16 percent respectively, and this means more new Android users buying the device.

Furthermore, in the past two years, 48 percent of iPhone SE buyers didn’t purchase a phone compared to 40 percent of buyers for iPhone 6s. This means that the latest 4-inch screen iPhone SE by Apple seems to attract more consumers who will not settle with the typical two year upgrade cycle.

Data shows that a great number of iPhone SE buyers are male and are older in age as compared with all iPhone buyers.

According to Slice Intelligence:

“More than one fifth [21 percent] of SE buyers are in the 45-to-54 age demographic, versus 18 percent for all iPhone buyers; and 77 percent of SE buyers are men, versus 69 percent.”

“15 percent of iPhone SE buyers were aged 65 and above, compared with 12.8 pecent in that age group for all iPhone buyers.”

Slice Intelligence says that this particular statistic shows that iPhone SE is increasingly appealing new consumers to the iPhone. It also emphasizes that 38 percent of the new iPhone buyers have a college degree, compared with 46 percent of those who already ordered an iPhone 6 or 6s.

“Early data from Slice Intelligence indicates that the SE may help Apple grow its maturing iPhone consumer base. Only 35 percent of iPhone SE buyers purchased an iPhone online in the last two years, and 16 percent of them were previously Android users.”

When statistics were compared from the company’s older iPhone 6s release, it appears that the $399 worth iPhone SE might just be doing more than the existing flagship product.

“By comparison, 49 percent of iPhone 6s buyers upgraded from a previous iPhone, and 10 percent replaced an Android device they bought online within the past two years.”

Also, data is made available about the type of buyer who has shown interest in the new SE right away.