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Nintendo and Niantic will soon have a field test for the highly-anticipated Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go, which is an enhanced reality mobile game, will bring together the Pokémon world and real world. Game users will capture and train Pokémon they find in the real world. Game developer Niantic puts Pokémon into the world based on the type of Pokémon the Pokémon are.

Nintendo has not made any announcement on when it will be released, but fans think it’ll be around a holiday of some type – summer or winter. It has confirmed there will be a field test.

Fans had hoped to get a closer look during the GDG, but it had been cancelled. It was found that Niantic negated it because developers were preparing the game for beta testing and launch. A drawback to this field test that it may be only for those folks in Japan. There’s a possibility that other markets could get it – something Pokémon fans around the world would like.

A Japanese website, which has been translated to English, participants may not reveal any information about the game’s contents. Fans not in Japan believe there will be information leaked from the field test.

Both Android and iOS devices have been confirmed for the test – the supported device systems include Android 4.3 or higher and iOS for iPhone 5 or newer models. According to the entry form for the beta test, the company doesn’t guarantee the game will run on these devices.