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When YouTube crashes without warning, it’s typically because the Adobe Flash Player on a system is out of date.

For YouTube videos and video games to effectively and efficiently work, the software must be in date. A lack of it means users can’t get use a number of entertainment sources. Mac or PC users not sure how to update their Adobe Flash Player software can use this article as their guide to download and install the latest software for the player.

Bear in mind that many systems will automatically apply the update. For others though, a visit to the Adobe website is warranted to get the latest file to be downloaded.

Updating Adobe Flash Player On The PC

Updating the player on a PC is quite easy. When out of date and the video and game suddenly crashes, an error message will flash on the screen. It will offer a link for users to get the latest software. However, if no error message occurs or has been clicked out of, users can visit the link:

Users must confirm their systems’ operating system and download the player version they need. When the right options are chosen, users must hit the install button so that the file will be downloaded. Once done, it needs to be opened and the process to install will start.

Mere minutes.

Google Chrome users have a plugin on their web browser, making sure the latest Flash Player is updated automatically. This web browser is recommended for use because it’s safe and fast.

Updating Adobe Flash Player On The Mac

In order for Mac users to have the updated Flash Player, they’ll need to visit the same link: and download the file. Users will have to choose their Adobe version based on their operating software. By hitting the install button, the file will be downloaded.

Mac users can also use Google Chrome so they can always stays up-to-date with their Flash Player.

It’s really that easy to get the latest Adobe Flash Player, and not have to worry with Internet hacking.