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If you have been longing for the day when a smart rice cooker will show up in your kitchen, the wait is over as Xiaomi has just done unveiled one.

In addition to the water purifier, air purifier, blood pressure monitor and many other smartphone-controlled devices, the Chinese OEM now wants lovers of rice to have an even better experience when preparing their favorite meal with this smart rice cooker.

This product has long been coming to the Asian market, but it remains to be unknown whether the device will appeal to the western market. Many tech companies are expanding their services to the smart home as this industry starts to take shape thanks to what is known as Internet of Things.

Xiaomi CEO has once expressed his disappointment in the fact that China has lagged behind Asian counterparts Japan with respect to smart rice cookers. Now that the company has unveiled its own smart rice cooker, it is time the competition gets even between the two. As you’d expect, the device needs a smartphone app in order to prepare you a nice meal of rice.

The official name of Xiaomi’s smart rice cooker is the Mi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker. Since this device is a smart cooker, it packs quite amazing capabilities. It is not just going to cook you rice, but the Xiaomi Mi Induction Heating Pressure Smart Rice Cooker also comes with a feature that optimizes the kind of cooking depending on the type of rice.

All users need to do is scan the pack that contains the rice so as to get more details on the type, brand as well as origin of the rice. Based on these findings, the Mi Induction Heating Pressure Smart Rice Cooker will adjust its cooking methodology to suit the type of rice being cooked.

At the moment, the Xiaomi Mi smart rice cooker can identify and cook over 200 brands of rice, something the company hopes to improve in future, a company statement said.

Xiaomi Mi smart rice cooker is more

In addition to cooking a nice meal of rice, the Mi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker is also capable of preparing cakes and other delicious meals.

This is great, especially considering that this smart rice cooker from Xiaomi only costs $150. When compared to Japanese rice cookers, the company’s chief says that the Mi Smart Rice Cooker is four times cheaper. It will be available in the country beginning April 6, but there is no word on when this device will hit the international stage.