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Google Earth has been bringing people the chance to explore the world with just one button for approximately 12 years now. A fast Internet connection allows you to check out the views of nearly any location you want…without ever leaving your home.

It’s not wonder so many folks love it and the things it has to offer. However, what people don’t know is that the Google Earth Pro version can be used for free. Yes, completely free.

In the past, Google Earth Pro cost $399 and came with an array of features. With its free version, there are eight tricks to keep in mind:

Tour Sharing

Google Earth Pro lets you record and share the journeys – whatever they may be – with your friends. You even have the ability to create a sharing file that can be posted to YouTube.

Learn Things About The World

Google Earth Pro gives you access to datasets that relate to geography and demography. If you’ve got questions about what city has the most people living in it or what state sees the highest voter turnout, Google Earth Pro can help you find the answers.

How Bad Is The Traffic

Google Earth Pro doesn’t give you real-time data like Android users have with the Google Maps, but it can provide you with historical traffic information. This is useful if you’re going on a road trip or will be moving to a new location and want to see what the traffic is like.

Address Property Issues

Google Earth’s parcel information lets you know right away who the owner of a land is

Travel Through History

With Google Earth’s historical satellite information, you can explore any time in history. It offers datasets that non-governmental organizations, companies, charities and other entities have put together.

Printing Of Extremely High-Resolution Pictures

One of the best things about Google Earth Pro is being able to print out ultra-high resolution pictures. It’s even got a tool that lets you measure and overlay a 3D building replica.

Keep Track Of The Light’s Movement

The majority of people have no idea how sunlight is going to hit a home before they purchase one or they build it, usually regretting it down the road. However, the Google Earth Pro tool lets you see back and forth in time and watch how the shadows change. The tool is also useful for fishermen and hunters.

Take A Look At The Stars

Fans of astronomy can check things out beyond the world. With its sky option, you can look at the stars and move through the sky like you do the Earth.

With Google Earth Pro can you check out all the things the world offers – even things you never believed you’d ever see.