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Microsoft’s developer event called “Build” will end today, after it kicked off on March 30. In the first day, the event started at 4.30 PM and Microsoft’s executives talked about the latest updates for Windows 10, Xbox and the HoloLens augmented reality headset.

Microsoft will unleash its army of chatbots, even if the Twitter experiment with AI “Tay” was a disaster, after she turned into a racist. Soon, a series of chatboots will be used to book holidays, or to schedule deliveries. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s boss has explained how chatboots will make things simpler when using a messaging application, as when they will be integrated into Skype, they will “hire a cab, book a ticket”, arrange dry cleaning etc. And, though a demonstration, pizza was ordered with a bot.

But first, Satya Nadella started its speech by saying that Microsoft’s plans are to help everyone on the planet and that companies must be aware that their actions will have social and economic consequences. Then, Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s head of Windows and devices, jumped straight to the point: Windows 10, saying that this new OS is now installed on 270 million computers, eight weeks later after its release.

Microsoft will bring universal applications that will run across Windows devices: computers, smartphones and tablets, and by the end of this summer will be ported around 16 million applications that will be downloadable from the Windows store. Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo has specified that “Windows can now be your home for developing apps for all devices”.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, had also an intervention, and he talked about developers being able to use the Xbox One console to make applications. In addition, some old games will be transformed into modern Windows applications and he showed Age of Empires II working on Windows 10. Some additions to Xbox One will be Cortana, the virtual assistant, and background music. But Cortana will be updated for Windows 10, as well.

Lastly, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman was on, and said a few words about HoloLens, which will be shipped to those who paid $3,000 for the developer kit. Pamela Davis from Case Western Reserve University has highlighted the importance of the augmented reality headset, which can be used for live internal body analysis.