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The WhatsApp application is continuously evolving and this is proven with every new released version of this popular application. It’s been a while since the users have requested a new an updated camera interface.

Lately, the WhatsApp application has received many Design Material changes, from a complete User Interface overhaul, to small element and icon modifications. Unfortunately, the built-in camera has never been updated, and it seems that the developers have finally brought some changes to it.

You will notice that the big Holo-blue shutter button and the old switch and flash camera icons are gone. Instead, you will see a new white shutter button, a new switch and flash camera icons along with a roll of the most recent pictures you’ve taken, which you will be able to share with ease to your contacts. You will also notice a small tip at the top that explains you how to record videos. When you will hold the new white shutter button, it will switch to red and it will start recording videos and in order top stop recording, you will just need to lift your finger.

When you capture a video or photo, you will also see that the interface for sharing has received a visual update and instead of a big round grey and white send and cancel icons, there’s a new teal green floating action button for sending and a back arrow button located on the top side that acts as a cancel button.

These changes come with the new WhatsApp 2.16.4 BETA for Android, which can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store once you register for the WhatsApp BETA Testing program.

Keep in mind that this version is currently in BETA, which means that you will most likely find some bugs and other errors, which will be fixed once a new STABLE version of the application is released.