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Pokémon fans and trainers are awaiting news about what Pokémon’s next game is going to be.

Of course, as a die-hard fan, you may know about Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. The games’ version will send you out on new adventures in a new world where you can discover hundreds of new Pokémon. What’s not known about these two games is when they’ll be ready for release. However, predictions are it’ll be sometime holiday 2016 – a great time to buy gifts for the ultimate fan!

What’s Known About The Two Games

Similar to other Pokémon games, each release gets its own features. For instance, in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, there were running shoes. Pokémon X and Y had skates that allowed players to travel faster through the game. Various rumors are circulating that vehicles can be used to travel around.

If this is true, you can rest assured the world will be significantly larger than previously. A vehicle lets you to get to destinations quicker and takes up additional space. This means long roads are likely to separate the distance from each city.
Of course, this is all speculation, as there are more skills and features to be seen in the new game that have yet to be announced. It’s likely this is going to be one of the most diverse games to come out for the series.

When’s An Announcement To Be Expected?

There’s no news on when there will be an announcement but going back to the other games, it’s usually summer or winter they get released. A release date that’s closer to the holidays is much more likely, which means an announcement may come late summer, fall or winter.

Pokémon fans, you and old… it’s time to get excited about the latest games that will soon hit the market. As of now, there are only rumors and speculations on when they’ll come out.