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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is considered one of the best phones of 2015. It may even be the best Android phone that the South Korean Tech Giant ever made.

But like most things, offerings from Samsung don’t stop with the best phone, because certain changes have to be made, and there are competitions to quash. So, from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes Samsung Galaxy S7. How does one differ from the other?

Chip used

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 used the company’s very own Exynos 7420, which is also used in its four flagship devices. The Galaxy S7, on the other hand, used the new Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820. The 820 is said to be the most powerful chip on the market today. Enough said.

Screen size

Although Note 5 and S7 have identical resolutions at 1440 x 2560, their screen sizes vary by a few centimeters. Note 5 is at 5.7 inches while S7 is at 5.1 inches the difference may seem negligible to you, but it matters a lot to other people.

Rear camera

Samsung made extra effort to ensure that S7’s phone camera would be better. But at 12 MP, against Note 5’s 16 MP, it seems to be not better at all. But here’s the thing, higher megapixels doesn’t necessarily translate to a better camera. You also need to consider the aspect ratio, and the most recommended number is 4:3, which is something the S7 have.

In taking photos using rear cameras, you would also find noticeable differences between the two models. S7 is much better used during nighttime, has a larger view, and is not prone to glare under bright lighting. S5 produces photos with brighter colors and better saturation.

Front camera

The front camera of both the Note 5 and S7 comes at 5 MP, but the aperture differs at f/1.9 and f/1.7, respectively. Because a smaller aperture is better, Galaxy S7’s front camera comes out better.

Expandable Storage

This important feature is missing in Note 5, which is why a lot of people would prefer to buy other models or brands. Can you imagine being limited to a phone’s existing storage capacity and would have to delete files to save more files? It would defeat the purpose of having a phone for convenient reasons.

Good thing Samsung realized their mistake and brought back expandable storage to S7. What is even better is that apps can be installed on the SD card.