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Some folks have been really lucky not to experience the host of problems that have come from a Windows 10 update. If you’re one of these folks, consider yourself blessed. Windows 10, however, is like any other Microsoft Windows operating software: it’s got problems that are annoying and kinks that must be dealt with.

If you notice your Internet connection has been lost or the computer sounds quits working, bear in mind there is hope for your computer.

When You Notice DVDs Are Not Working

If you love playing DVDs on your computer, you may notice that Windows 10 doesn’t allow for this capability. Don’t worry. Even if Microsoft doesn’t allow for this for free, there are other available applications that will let you do so. You’re free to download any software you want so that your DVDs stay playable via your computer.

Blue Screen of Death and Other Random Crashes and Shut Downs

Microsoft is infamous for its Blue Screen of Death, a huge fear for anyone using a computer. If an issue happens more than once, it’s something you need to take care of immediately, as it’s no longer a minor problem.

Therefore, when you notice a certain error being reported on the BSoD, make a note of what it is. If you notice your computer crash when you play a high-graphic game or when you’ve been watching videos for an excessive amount of time on YouTube, the problem may not be a driver. Still, you’ll want to reinstall the important drivers, which may include the general chip-set drivers along with drivers for extra hardware you are using.

Automatic Updates

When it comes to Windows automatic update, you may get interrupted more times than you can count. Therefore, it’s up to you whether or not you should install them and when. Be sure you let Windows get the latest updates together and choose a time that you want to install them – if you want to install them. The best time is when you’re about to close out for the day. Keep in mind that not all Windows updates are the best and can do more harm than good.

While you should have the latest drivers, you don’t always have to get the first one that comes out. The only drivers that should be downloaded right off the bat is the motherboard chip-sets, graphics cards, Wi-Fi adapter, sound cards, etc.

Windows 10 also has the power to reset your whole OS system. In order to reset it, got to the Start button and look for the “Reset this PC”. You’ll be provided an array of options and specifics to what you want to reset on your PC – fresh install or going back to another version.