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WhatsApp is quickly releasing its updates, which is why it’s a bit difficult to know which features are included in each update version. On March 18, Version 2.12.536 was released, a day after the Version 2.12.535 had been released. So much has changed since the WhatsApp version 2.12.522 was released.

Version 2.12.535

The latest changes with this version include:

  • Users can now format text in their messages, although just italics and bold. In order to bold text, they need to put asterisks around the text such as *text here*. When it comes italicizing the words, underscores will need to be used such as _text here_. However, in order for the change to take place, the person the message is being sent to must have upgraded to the latest version.
  • Senders name will now be in bold in the notification section. The update ensures messages are easier to read – helpful when users get a lot of messages. With the update, users can see who’s send the message before the app is opened.
  • In an earlier WhatsApp update, the document sharing option was made available, allowing users to attach documents via a simple push to the Document icon. The update, however, was just for PDF files. With the latest update, users can go through their Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive to attach documents. Files, however, are converted into PDF before they’re sent.
  • In the latest update, users’ profiles were improved upon. It will now show name, photo and status. It won’t show the phone number. While it’s there, users will need to get into the Profile settings screen.
  • With the latest update, users will be notified how much time will be needed before the backup process ends.

Version 2.12.535 New Features

  • Can receive and send PDFs.
  • Can see and receive PDF by pushing Media from group info or contact info.
  • Look through starred messages for particular chat from group info or contact info.
  • Maintain starred messages when chat is cleared out.

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