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Smartphone manufacturers throughout the world are readying themselves to release their new phones to the public. HTC is just one of many manufacturers smartphone buyers should consider when looking for their next phone. Why HTC? They offer the most amazing Android devices by far.

HTC’s latest model, One M10, is likely to be as good as prior phone models. In fact, they’ve been tweeting peaks, which have been more like teases about the phone than facts. No doubt, HTC is going an untraditional route to tell prospective smartphone shoppers about their phones.

A Look At HTC One M10

According to the latest tweet, the phone is set to be the “World First, World Class, Front and Back”. From there, it’s piqued people’s interest in what HTC is doing for their devices. Some of the information known includes this:

It’s Snapdragon 820-powered, it’s got a Dual-Core 1.6GHz Kryo and Dual-core 2.15 GHz Kryo, with Adreno 530 GPU backing them up.

When it comes to performance, a majority of the next generation phones will be using the same processor and have similar graphic processing units, but the performance will be based in how the company optimizes the phones.

The One M10 will run the Android v6.0.1 (Marshmallow), will have 32GB storage capacity with the ability to expand this through the microSD slight to 200GB. Its screen is a little more than five inches and it’ll be able to record HD video.

Like a good chunk of phones available, it has an irremovable battery. Despite being able to have the external storage space extended, it’s still just got 32GB in internal space – quickly fillable with just several videos.

According to HTC, an announcement about when the phone will be released is set for April. It’s suspected that more information will be released on its specs and features. Like other HTC phones, HTC Dot View is likely to be compatible with One M10.

Speculation and rumors are likely to persist until HTC makes its announcement, which should be coming in the next few weeks.