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It doesn’t matter where you’re interested in Google Earth – job or hobby – it’s a service that offers up aerial images from array of sources and puts them in your monitor. However, Google Earth is far more than a digital globe for your computer.

Google Earth allows you a bird’s eye view on things that you find interesting – geographical locations, landmarks, etc. There’s so much content available that you could spend hours on the app.

What Is Google Earth?

Google Earth lets you browse the globe and different pictures that were taken over the last few years. You can see cities being developed and watch how the geography has changed around the world after natural disasters. At default, you get the latest images, but you can view the previous images that were taken.

Professionals from all sorts of jobs use Google Earth – perhaps on large-scale land surveys or high electrical cables need to connect a city to the national power grid. The array of tasks that can be done with Google Earth has ensured less employers need to send out a team of folks to carry out the simple job of measuring areas and distances.

Download and Install Google Earth

Google Earth can be used on fairly all operating systems available – Mac and Windows. If you’re a Linux user, Google Earth can also be used. In order to use and download it, type Google Earth into any search engine.

Google Earth can be used on mobile Android and iOS devices. Android users can download it from the PlayStore. iOS users will find it in the iTunes store.

What About Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro offers several additional perks for users. It allows users to mass-import addresses as well as give them a high resolution printing option. Google Earth Pro will allow users to develop full HD videos from movie maker. The cost for this ability is $399 a year.

At this time, you can download the app for free, and when it asks for the license key, type in GEPFREE so you can attain all the advantages that come with Google Earth Pro.