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Everyone needs to make sure that their finances stay healthy and as such, it pays to track your expenditure. The good news is that there are already plenty of applications that can help you organize your expenses. Here are just some for you to check for your iOS device.

Toshl Finance

One of the most flexible application that you can use to manage your expenditure is Toshl Finance. It allows you to monitor your finances efficiently. This is because it allow you to set up repeated expenses and incomes, create budget, organize your bills and more. In fact, you can even set multiple expenses under the same account. Toshl Finance is available for free although you may need to upgrade to create more than one budget.


Another good app that you can consider is Mint. It is created by the same company that had started Quicken and as such, you are looking at an application with years of experience. Mint allows you to keep track of your expenses and then export them to your Mint or Quicken account. However, it is good only for US based users considering that most of the things here are not related with other countries.


If you want something that is simple, then consider downloading Expenditure instead. It costs only $1.99 in the App Store and can track your expense in an easy to use manner. There are plenty of categories to choose from and its easy overview section allows you to quickly look at your expenditures. You can even make notes and take photos of your transaction.


Last but not least, we have Moneybook. It is simple looking but nevertheless offers some unique features to ensure that you keep your finances on track. It handles all of your expenses and incomes and can also export them via CSV through email. At $2.99, it can be a bit expensive.