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WhatsApp is becoming so popular that it has taken its reach to a plethora of smartphones and mobile devices. With its latest update to make user experience better, people are now interested in utilizing it in their everyday chatting needs.

This messaging service is already seen by many as an indispensable tool for millions of users. Basically, it allows sending messages, images and sound clips via the internet connection of devices. Now, its success has prompted a detailed look at each of its elements, with the one attracting most attention is what they call the “double check”, which is a function in the app that is added to its algorithm for sending messages. If a message has been delivered, a lone check appears next to it and the doubt of users reached, which is the meaning of the two being checked together.

Now, among the devices that this app is compatible with is the Nokia Asha. No matter what model it is you are having under this brand, you will be able to download and install WhatsApp for it, and it can be very simple, with the device’s 2.4-inch screen, 64MB of RAM and the Mini SIM card, which are more than enough to start enjoying WhatsApp immediately. Plus, its QWERTY keyboard will make sending of messages more comfortable and easy for you and low you to reach incredible speed when posting them. Here is how to download and install WhatsApp for your Nokia Asha.

From the Nokia Store

  • Go to the application of Nokia Store in the Nokia Asha, select your device and run.
  • Click on the search icon and search for the term “s40 WhatsApp messenger” and then click on the “WhatsApp S40 Messenger” application.
  • Push on “Install” and follow all the steps.

From the official website of the application:

  • Go to the web browser of your Nokia Asha device.
  • Introduce the following address on the address bar:
  • Follow the steps to download and install the app on your phone.

WhatsApp for Nokia Asha devices will you phone a quicker and easier tool to be always connected to the people you care about, like your family and friends.

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