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If users want to circumvent their tablet or phone’s manufactured settings, jailbreaking it will provide them with more control over the device. The promise of more control is one of the biggest reasons iPad and iPhone users demand jailbreaking tools.

However, it’ll be some time before users can take advantage of the tools, as Apple is tightening security with each iOS update. With each release, it becomes harder and harder for jailbreak teams to locate the software loopholes.

This is extremely true for people who have iOS’ 9.2 and 9.2.1. According to hackers, these versions can be jailbroken and evidence can be provided on the success – no public evidence is available. This has left many to wonder if the report is true. PangGu and other popular hacking team has yet to release their version of iOS 9.2 and 9.2.1, which makes users wonder if one will be released.

Right now, users do have some options at their disposal. If using iOS 9.1, they may download PangGu’s recent jailbreak version. It was released in March – but for many is too little too late since many folks have upgraded to the newer versions. If users have not yet upgraded their software or can purchase a device with iOS 9.1, it’s possible to get the hackers’ 9.1 jailbreak.

There’s no way to downgrade back to 9.1 if users have upgraded their devices. This is because Apple quit signing the version in December 2015. Users will have to wait – perhaps quite some time – for a jailbreaking tool for 9.2.1. Tech experts say jailbreaking teams are waiting for the company to release their iOS 9.3 before they release their jailbreaking tools for iOS 9.2 and 9.2.1. iOS 9.3 was released on Mar. 21, which means jailbreaks for the other software is possible.

Users can also upgrade to the latest version. Luca Tedesco, a famous Italian hacker, said the latest version is also able to be jailbroken. With that in mind, hacking teams may soon release a tool for users to jailbreak their phones. Still, it’ll take some time for this to happen.