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The application with the largest number of active users is being updated regularly and the developers are bringing new features to lure other people to create a WhatsApp account. Both Android and iOS versions are getting new features firstly, then they become available for the rest of platforms. The same thing happened with the option to make text bold or italic. If you don’t know how to thicken text in WhatsApp, or to make it italic, we’ll explain you below.

WhatsApp’s developers included the option to make text bold and italic in a beta update, and they’ve become available in version 2.12.17 in iOS and 2.12.535 in Android, being downloaded automatically. This feature can’t be enabled or disabled like other features, as it’s hidden in the application and it will work only if you’ll add certain characters in front and at the end of the text.

For example, if you put a text between asterisks, you will make it bold. More exactly, type *insert text here* and the message will have thickened letters. Also, to make a phrase italic, add underscores either side of the word/s, like this: _insert text here_. Moreover, the third option allows you to generate a strikethrough by typing ~insert text here~.

In order to see the word or phrase embolden, italicized or strikethrough, the recipient must have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on his/her phone, but these codes can be used online, as well, via the Web client, but the text will appear customized only in the app-based version of the chats.

Another hidden feature is the little basketball game which can be accessed by opening up a chat with a WhatsApp friend and sending the basketball emoji. The game will be launched when the other person will tap on the ball and both of you will swipe the ball towards to the hoop and try to score many times. For every ten points, the game will get harder, because the hoop will start moving left to right.