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The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android is 2.16.2, it was released yesterday and weighs 28.98 MB. There are no new features, only bug fixes and performance improvements, as all the important changes have been brought days or weeks ago and now, the developers are making sure that they’ve been successfully implemented.

WhatsApp has evolved a lot since it was purchased by Facebook in February 2014, firstly getting Voice Calling at the beginning of 2015, then a Material Design makeover, the possibility to back up chats on the cloud and more recently were added stared messages, which are similar to bookmarks, meaning that you can “save” a message and check it later. Also, you can send and receive PDFs, or view them by tapping Media from contact info or group info and stared messages can be viewed for a specific chat from contact info or group info. And when you clear a chat, now you are able to keep your starred messages.

Let’s not forget the hidden features that are not enabled or disabled on the old fashioned way. You can make a text bold by placing it between asterisks, or make it italic by using underscores in front and after the text.

Soon, five other features will make its way to the stable version of WhatsApp:

Quick reply from the notification tray has been added to the beta version and it saves you from entering the application in order to reply o messages.

Multiple selection is another cool feature and you can activate it by pressing and holding on more contacts’ profile pictures on chats or contacts at the same time. This way, multiple chats can be marked as read or unread.

Creating new broadcasts and groups is the next step. In order to create them, you will press or select on contacts’ profile pictures.

Contact options will include View Contact, Delete Chat and Archive Chat and the profile picture of your contact will be displayed in an enlarged version.

There will be more variants of colorful wallpapers and you will choose between 27 different colors.