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There are just plenty of things that you can do with your Android device. However, don’t you wish you can control your computer with your Android device? No worries, there are already plenty of applications that can allow you to do so. Here are just some of the best ones that we could find.


If you want to turn your Android smartphone to a very expensive remote trackpad, you can consider installing RemoteDroid. It makes use of your own wireless network for you to be able to connect to your computer. Once connected, you can make use of it as a trackpad. There will also be two onscreen mouse buttons for right-click functionality. This application is available for free although there is also a Pro version that allows for automatic connection over your wireless network for $1.99.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

If you want something to help you control your friend’s computer for remote assistant, then consider getting TeamViewer for Remote Control. It allows you to remotely access computers through your Android device. It comes with complete keyboard control and can also transfer file between one device and another. TeamViewer makes use of 256 Bit AES session encoding to ensure that any data exchanges are secure. This app is free for private use only.

VNC Viewer

This application is most probably suited for tablets instead of smartphone considering that it works as a remote desktop application. Through VNC Viewer, you can connect to just about any Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or UNIX computer with VNC technology. At the moment, VNC Viewer costs $8 although this price may vary from region to region.

Splashtop 2

If you want something that works much like VNC Viewer but available for free, then consider getting Splashtop 2 instead. It is a free remote desktop application that works quickly and efficiently.