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Clash of Clans players were quite happy when they’ve heard what the new March 2016 update will bring to their favorite game. However, as soon as this update was released, most of them were quite disappointed.

Many users have reported several issues on Supercell’s forums and it seems that the developers reacted soon enough. Here are the some issues that the Clash of Clans: March Update 2016 came with:

– “Device not compatible” message appears after the update was downloaded on the mobile device;
– Switching accounts is no longer possible;
– Upgrades take forever to install;
– Clash of Clans crashes during the base redesign;
– Boost Timers don’t pause during game’s maintenance;
– The traps are no longer triggered by Heroes;
– The heal rate of the healers for heroes are at 70% (very high);
– Clash of Clans war matching system is giving too much importance to streaks.

The new update doesn’t fix all these issues, but you can see below what problems it solved:

– The heal rates of the healers for heroes are now back to normal;
– The traps that were not triggered by the heroes have been fixed;
– The Clash of Clans War matching has been tweaked;
– Valkyrie’s health points has been decreased;
– Notifications for Clash of Clans is now functioning across all devices.

The Clash of Clans March Update also brought a new troop called Bowler, a Dark Elixir troop that’s unlocked once the Town Hall hits level 10. In addition, new levels for Mortars and Inferno Towers have been added, but they require Town Hall level 11. We’re sure that Supercell will bring soon enough another Update for Clash of Clans, which will fix the remaining issues that have not been resolved yet.

Have you played Clash of Clans since it received the March Update? Tell us your thoughts about it!