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Since 2014, when Facebook has purchased the WhatsApp application, we’ve seen many features being added tot this popular application. One of the best features that the developers have brought to the application is Voice Calling, which was exactly what WhatsApp needed to lure more people to register.

Today we’re going to talk about a feature that many users would most likely enjoy. WhatsApp allows them to format texts that they send inside this application and today we’re going to explain how to do this.

However, before we tell you about this, we remind you that since February 2016, WhatsApp has more than 1 billion monthly active users, which makes it the second-most popular messaging application. It is good to know that on the first place is the Facebook Messenger application, which means that the company owns the first two places on the most popular mobile messaging applications.

On WhatsApp, you are can now make words bolded, crossed or italic and below we’re going to explain you how to do this:

– if you want to send a bolded word you will need to use “*”, such as: *myboldedtext*
– if you want to send an italic word you will need to use “_”, such as: _myitalictext_
– if you want to send a crossed word you will need to use “~”, such as: ~mycrossedtexthere~.

Keep in mind that this feature works on Android and iOS, but it will be added later to other operating systems. It seems that the users are enjoying this new feature, as most of the Twitter comments are positive.

However, we’re not sure how many people will use this feature, as it will take a while until you will get used to insert any of those 3 characters in front and at the end of a word.

What are your thoughts about this new feature that has been added to the WhatsApp application?