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Google recently confirmed that it will be taking Android Pay services to the UK; however, there was no mention of a specific date on which this will actually happen.

With this news still very fresh in the ears of many UK dwellers, credit card company MBNA has also announced that it will be partnering with Android Pay to ensure that this service reaches its customers. This is great news for the UK contactless industry, which saw an increment in spending in 2015 as compared to the previous year thanks to the entry of Apple Pay in the country.

Latest stats claim that in every eight card transactions, one uses contactless technology. If you are one of those tech savvy people who don’t want anything to do with credit cards or even cash, the news of Android Pay adding to the already rich list of mobile payments in the country should be exciting in some way. With the use of this new Android Pay system, UK dwellers will be able to access and actually make payments at close to half a million terminals across the entire country.

Retailers are aware of the changing technology and as such, they are changing with it as well. Many of those currently not supporting contactless payments technology are busy adding this option to their list of payment options, which should make adoption of the app an easy thing. Speaking of apps, Android Pay can also be used to make in-app purchases for supported platforms.

With this move, the CEO of MBNA Ian O’Doherty believes that they will be offering their customers the chance to be the first to join the Android Pay community in the UK as well as giving them an extra platform over which to make payments.

Android Pay is not the only mobile payments service provider moving to the UK this year. Samsung Pay, a similar service offered by Samsung, will also be headed to the UK in the course of the year. Just like Google’s service, Samsung has not mentioned when its mobile payment system will go live in the UK.

To start using the Android Pay service when it is finally available in the country, users will be required to download the app from the official Google Play Store and then set it up by adding a debit or credit card. Users have the option of entering the card information manually or capturing it using the camera and then upload it.

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